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Download vs Stream

Discussion in 'Technology' started by Muz1234, Feb 24, 2018.

  1. Muz1234

    Muz1234 Active Member

    Which of these you guys prefer?
  2. bigloser0

    bigloser0 Active Member

  3. bigloser0

    bigloser0 Active Member

    what about you and why?
  4. Muz1234

    Muz1234 Active Member

    I prefer both. I don't know, but both has its advantages.
  5. bigloser0

    bigloser0 Active Member

    stream has its disadvantage. If the server has a lot of people downloading from, then you will have a very laggy video. And it will start and stop. Might as well don't watch.
  6. WillEater

    WillEater Well-Known Member

    Well, I copy the streams, and watch them later..
    Best of both worlds..